Useful Plants to Use and Grow

How To Grow Broccoli

Broccoli is a brassica, and should not be grown with other brassicas like cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts,  savoy, kohlrabi and kai-lan. They are very healthy. The plant grows a stem with leaves developing in the middle, and then specialization occurs and a broccoli head develops. It likes full sun, cool moist conditions and of course plenty of fertilizer. Once the main head is harvested, numerous side shoots develop.

Taken from one of my plants on 10 June 2016, JHB, South Africa
Taken from one of my plants on 10 June 2016, JHB, South Africa

Seed saving Tutorial

Once the pods are dry on the broccoli plant, remove the plant from the ground and hang to dry for up to 2 weeks. Remove the dried pods from the broccoli plant and crush them in your hands or with a rolling pin to remove the seeds. Separate the chaff from thebroccoli seeds. Broccoli seeds remain viable for five years.Feb 29, 2016

Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush) Plant Information and Prices

Sutherlandia (cancer bush) seedlings and established plants available from R30 – R80. Delivery to Johannesburg and surrounding areas available for under R250 depending on quantity.

Well respected and long used plant, excellent for:

  • alleviating grief
  • powerful boost to the immune system
  • contains large amounts of GABA amino acids
  • cancers especially intestinal and stomach cancers
  • many more serious and common conditions