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My New Favourite Place (and comparisons between natural and factory farming)

One sunny morning I took my daughter for a stroll in the pram to explore our new surroundings and discovered this little gem tucked away in Krugersdorp, in the West Rand of Johannesburg. It is a sort of events venue/farm/stables and it is the last part that gets me really excited because I am a huge fan of horseriding and ride whenever I get the opportunity. With stables being so conveniently nearby to my house (literally next door!) I plan on purchasing a mare and riding more often.


The setting is a beautiful mix of golden yellow grass and shady green alcoves of trees and is really a lovely little place to go for a walk and to top it all off there are even a few farm animals in the mix to really add to the vibe. And of course all the animals are totally free range. The pigs have a massive shady pen that I saw one of the caretakers watering so they had a nice mud patch to roll in. Why don’t you compare conventional factory farming to this setup and tell me which is more animal friendly? How can we even farm any other way?

20151111_114631 sick pork factory


There are also a few cows contentedly munching cud and to be honest if I had such an awesome view I would also be pretty content! Further on the horses were trotting around.


These happy little cows have a much better life than the poor animals in feedlots, which is where most meat comes from

factory_farms for beef