pecan nuts

Growing Organic Pecan Nuts

Pecan nuts are one of my favourite nuts to eat, they are simply delicious straight out the shell or baked in a pie. Every winter the nuts fall to the ground and children and adults alike love picking them up when we have get-togethers at the house.  Pecan nut trees grow very large and like very fertile dark soil with a lot of water, especially young trees that are establishing a root system. You can grow pecan nut trees from seed, but they are difficult to germinate. They require stratification, which  is a procedure that tries to mimic Nature by placing the nuts in cold moist place like a fridge for three months to break down the enzymes  that prevent the nut from germinating in winter. I am experimenting with different ways to germinate the seeds to see which way is the easiest and which way produces the best results.