Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush) Plant Information and Prices

sutherlandia pods

Sutherlandia (cancer bush) seedlings and established plants available from R30 – R80. Delivery to Johannesburg and surrounding areas available for under R250 depending on quantity.

Well respected and long used plant, excellent for:

  • alleviating grief
  • powerful boost to the immune system
  • contains large amounts of GABA amino acids
  • cancers especially intestinal and stomach cancers
  • many more serious and common conditions



Lara Whybrow

Lara Whybrow

Executive Director at Ethical Suppliers (Pty) Ltd
Lara Whybrow is the founder and website developer/content writer at Ethical Suppliers. She loves growing all manner of things, particularly rare plants or edibles and used to keep a small flock of free range chickens. She is passionate about getting more people to grow organic food for themselves and selling the excess or giving it to those less fortunate.
Lara Whybrow
Posted on: March 15, 2016, by : Lara Whybrow

29 thoughts on “Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush) Plant Information and Prices

  1. Where do you buy seeds? Prices for seeds? Who do you sell product to as a supplier or cultivater, are there factories or process plants near Graaff-Reinet? How do you harvest the plant, and what part of the plant do you harvest?

    1. Hi James. I have some seeds available. I’m busy growing cancerbush seedlings now.
      Thank you, Jose.

  2. Good day sir/madam

    I’m living in Lamberts Bay on
    the west coast. I would like to
    know where or to who i can
    sell cancerbush seeds to. I will
    appreciate it if you can direct me.
    Thank you
    Jose Petersen

  3. I would like to see more farmers getting back to organic farming, I think it will accommodate more farmers on more farmland. Poisoning the farmland in order to speed up growth, is not good for future productivity on such farmlands in the future.Another problem is our draught stricken areas, where I think tunnel farming will be the best option for now

  4. Under what weather and of farming condition does the plant grow?
    How big is this industry? What are the margins?What is the capital outlay requirement.Where is the current future market?

    1. Hi, these plants can be treated like herbs – sunny conditions with adequate watering but not heavy wet clay soil. The industry is growing, we have orders of hundreds of plants and hundreds of kg’s sometimes. African potato is also quite popular. We have loads of medicinal plants such as comfrey, feverfew, willow, motherwort, wormwood for absinthe, gingko biloba and much more. Please download the pricelist for seed and plant prices

  5. Good day. I would like to be a supplier of Cancer Bush. I am using 100gr packets but I would like to know where I can buy it wholesale or straight from the farm please. I have a big demand. I’m in Kuilsriver, Cape Town

  6. ?Hi Laura
    I have an tourism establishment at the foot of the Swartberg Mountains close to Oudtshoorn.
    I am interested in plating cancerbusch, bughu Honebusch tea and a few other health plants as well as a organic vegatable garden.
    I do have +- 5 ha of irrigation land on my property and also want to use this as a Organic / health show farm. I also want to farm a bit of strange items not found in our area like Waterblommetjies etc to use in our restaurant as well as to sell. I am very interested in the world of health and organic farming.For 20 years I was not farming but it stays in your blood.
    Believe you will understand my passion
    Regrds Kobus

  7. Hello Lara, I live in Gordon’s Bay. I am very passionate about alternative medicine and natural healing.

    I need to plant some sutherlandia .

    Do you have seeds available?
    Please let me have your prices.

  8. Good day I’m a entrepreneur wanting to start a herb business and came across your website. I would like to know if you sell in bulks and I m looking for the following herb Cancer bush, I would like to know how do you order, minimum quantity orders, and shipping process


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